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#6 From the classroom to the Boat Race - Helen Davis

May 11, 2020 Pete Jackson Season 1 Episode 6
Slice of PIE
#6 From the classroom to the Boat Race - Helen Davis
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Helen worked in education for 25 years, before a mixture of itchy feet, curiosity, passion for sport... and some chance discussions with elite level athletes at her triathlon club - prompted her to pivot into her new career. Now Helen is a fully chartered and HCPC registered Sport Psychologist, working with Swim England, the Cambridge Women's University Rowing Team and various commonwealth and Paralympic medalists. Together with collaborator Lucy Gossage, Helen has also developed IRON-MIND, a 6-week online master class focusing specifically on psychology for Iron Man and other endurance athletes. We discuss her career pivot and the insightful parallels between the classroom of 30 kids and a boat crew of 9 women… the demands of an elite student athlete, and the lightbulb moments when you’ve managed to ‘get through’ to someone – whether a student in school or an elite swimmer in the consulting room. You can find Helen here:






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