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#9 Dual careers and transitions - Dr Emma Vickers

May 25, 2020 Pete Jackson Season 1 Episode 8
Slice of PIE
#9 Dual careers and transitions - Dr Emma Vickers
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Dr. Emma Vickers is the research lead for TASS – (The Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme) …an organisation at the heart of supporting athletes managing dual careers, but also at the heart of developing and pulling together research to understand how these different demands impact, affect, conflict or compliment each other. Emma was an elite student-athlete herself, amongst the top 3 nationally in her sport by the age of 15, and soon competing in junior Olympics and international senior competitions… she was a TASS sponsored athlete herself and has first hand experience of juggling all the training, travelling and performing along with the small matter of completing a university degree. The perfect guest then to give us an insight in to this world, as well as discuss the broader topics of dual careers, building a broad self-identity, managing multiple endeavours and the support needed to take on these challenges. You can find out more about Emma and TASS here:

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