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#10 Performance, perspective and balance - Paul McVeigh

June 02, 2020 Pete Jackson Season 1 Episode 9
Slice of PIE
#10 Performance, perspective and balance - Paul McVeigh
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Paul McVeigh left his home town of Belfast at the age of 16 to sign for Tottenham Hotspur. He made his first start for Spurs up front with Teddy Sheringham, scoring on his debut in 1997, and going on to represent Tottenham as well as Norwich City, Burnley, Luton Town and Northern Ireland. Since then he has worked in the media for the BBC, SkySports, BeinSports and TalkSport amongst many others… he’s authored a book ‘The Stupid footballer is dead’, got his Masters in Sport & Exercise Psychology from Staffordshire University, and has been a performance psychology coach at a premier league football academy. Now he spends his time as a global keynote speaker, delivering keynotes and corporate training for the likes of Barclays, PWC, Microsoft and a truck load of other blue chip companies. Paul shares his insights on mindset, teamwork and leadership - both from his playing days and also from his perspective as a coach and consultant. He is also a big advocate for perspective, values and striving for balance in life. You can find Paul here:







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