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#11 Social Identity - Dr Matt Slater & Chris Hartley (Part One)

June 17, 2020 Pete Jackson Season 1 Episode 10
Slice of PIE
#11 Social Identity - Dr Matt Slater & Chris Hartley (Part One)
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Dr. Matt Slater from Staffordshire University and Chris Hartley from the University of Stirling spend a lot of time thinking about groups, identity and leadership.

Dr. Matt Slater is Associate Professor of Sport & Exercise Psychology at Staffordshire University, a chartered Psychologist and an active researcher with interests in the psychology of leadership and team functioning in performance contexts. He is also the Author of the book ‘Togetherness: How to Build a Winning Team’, published in 2019.

Chris Hartley is also a chartered and HCPC registered practitioner in sport and exercise psychology, and a Lecturer in sport psychology at the University of Stirling (Scotland, UK). His PHD research adopts a social identity theory perspective, where he is aiming to understand how a social identity and the self-categorisation process underpins the provision and receipt of social support. Chris has also previously worked in performance academies, University Scholarship programmes, and consulted with several sport NGBs and a range of individual clients. He’s helped organise the 2nd International Conference on Social Identity in Sport (ICSIS) which took place in June of last year in Stirling, and you can find a link to information on the next conference below.

Matt and Chris join me for the FIRST ever Slice of PIE group discussion - and we talk about identity, leadership, the transience of groups and the powerful wellness impacts of social groups amongst many other topics.

This is Part 1 of the discussion so make sure to look out for Part 2 when it is released in Season 2.

You can find more about Matt and Chris here:

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