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#12 There’s always opportunity if you look - Hannah Stoyel

June 25, 2020 Pete Jackson Season 1 Episode 11
Slice of PIE
#12 There’s always opportunity if you look - Hannah Stoyel
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Hannah Stoyel is a HCPC registered Sport & Exercise Psychologist, and the founder of Optimise Potential, a sport psychology consultancy based in London. She wears many hats: As well as doing her PHD at University College London looking at athletes and eating disorders -  She is also the lead sport psychologist for Swim England, she works as a sport psychology consultant for Millfield school, delivers sport psychology content for UK Athletics, and is a Sport Psychologist for the Reading FC Academy. Pretty impressive resume. 

In my conversation with Hannah her passion for all things psychology is evident, in any age any competitive level or any sport, however I was particularly struck by her enthusiasm for developing young people and her insights in to how elite academies, NGB pathways, parents, coaches and other support staff can support our young athletes as they navigate the whirlwind rollercoaster of childhood, puberty, adolescence and young adulthood. Therefore if you’re a coach, parent, support staff or even a young athlete this episode will be particularly interesting for you.

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British Swimming - Optimal Athlete Development Framework (OADF): 

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