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#16 Searching for balance - Louise Byrne

September 08, 2020 Pete Jackson Season 2 Episode 2
Slice of PIE
#16 Searching for balance - Louise Byrne
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In the second episode of season two we talk to Sport Psychologist in Training Louise Byrne. As well as training towards psychology chartership, Louise also works in finance, and we touch upon the interesting cross-application of performance psychology and wellbeing strategies in the corporate sector.

The first 30-35 minutes is also a great deep-dive in to that mystical notion of 'balance' we're all striving for. Training as a psychologist whilst working another job is no mean feat, and this context provides a great backdrop with which to discuss what balance actually is, what it means to different people, what it means at different points in our lives, as well as strategies for trying to achieve or maintain it.

It was a great conversation. You can find Louise online here:



Her study into organisational stressors:

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