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#18 Sport and management consultancy - Jenna Woolven

September 27, 2020 Pete Jackson Season 2 Episode 4
Slice of PIE
#18 Sport and management consultancy - Jenna Woolven
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In episode 4 of season 2, we speak to Jenna Woolven.

Jenna has got a very impressive list of experiences across many environments, both as an athlete and a sport psychology consultant. She played national level and junior international level hockey before transitioning into sports marketing, and then into her sport and exercise psychology. Jenna then went on to work for sports and management consultancy Lane4, where she worked with various businesses and sports organisations, including a year where she was embedded into the Football Association and based at St George’s Park.

She’s now an independent consultant and passionate about helping people to realise their potential, achieve their goals and live more fulfilled lives. In this conversation we talk about consulting with sporting or business teams, being embedded in organisations, and how to help bring about meaningful engagement with sport or work.

You can find Jenna here:



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