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#19 What we can learn from the military - Richard Waddell

October 19, 2020 Pete Jackson Season 2 Episode 5
Slice of PIE
#19 What we can learn from the military - Richard Waddell
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In the spirit of speaking to different types of experts I have been wanting to a) speak to people in the world of consulting that help companies improve team effectiveness and develop leaders, and b) speak to people that have worked in teams in the furnace of the military environment. With this episode's guest Richard Waddell, I am fortunate to get 2 for the price of 1 … !

After passing through officer training at Sandhurst, Richard was in the UK one moment, and 48 hours later on the ground in Basrah commanding a troop of soldiers, some of whom were far older and more experienced in the military. After navigating this and many other challenges, Richard eventually came out of the military and entered the world of consulting - working for large firms and starting his own businesses in talent identification, recruitment and leadership development amongst other things.

In this episode we talk about leadership styles in different contexts, military insights applied to sport and business, recruitment, talent identification and consultancy, psychometric profiling tools…

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