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#21 High performance in eSports - Ismael Pedraza

December 06, 2020 Pete Jackson Season 2 Episode 7
Slice of PIE
#21 High performance in eSports - Ismael Pedraza
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My guest this week is Ismael Pedraza, or 'Isma'.

Isma is a performance psychologist working as a practitioner and researcher in Germany, who has come via Finland, Australia and his home country of Colombia where he played a high standard of football.

He’s currently the performance coach for Rogue, a professional eSports team in Europe that participates in the League of Legends European Championship. He is also on the managing council of ENYSSP, the European Network of Young Specialists in Sport Psychology. ENYSSP is a fantastic network for practitioners young and old, interested in sport and performance psychology and pre-COVID, their conferences were a key staple in the sport psychology calendar, based at stunning locations around Europe. See a link to ENYSSP below.

If like me, you are slightly in the dark about this juggernaut that is eSports, this discussion will be a useful eye opener in to the culture, language and pressures that exist in this environment.

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