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#25 Performance in the Performing Arts - Jack Apperley

January 09, 2022 Pete Jackson Season 2 Episode 11
Slice of PIE
#25 Performance in the Performing Arts - Jack Apperley
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In this episode we speak to Jack Apperley,  a London based choral conductor.  Jack studied at the University of Birmingham where he was mentored by Simon Halsey CBE, and then went on to train at the Royal Academy of Music under the tutelage of Patrick Russill (Patrick Russill founded the Royal Academy of Music’s Choral Conducting department in 1997).

He is now the conductor of University Upper Voices at the University of Birmingham and Music Director of the Imperial College Chamber Choir. He is the Music Director of Concordia Voices and also directs workplace choirs for the Royal College of Physicians, Silicon Valley Bank and the Workplace Choir Company. He is the Interim Musical Director of Goldsmith’s Choral Union.

In the conversation we discuss his journey into music, the factors that make a motivated and happy choir, as well as the similarities between conducting and goalkeeping !

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